7/12/2024-7/19/2024: North water tower will be out of service for regular scheduled maintenance! Expect fluctuating water pressure throughout the week.

4/22/24: Hayes Street Closure updates... For more information see our News post. We will continue to update this News post as we get new information.

Resident utility information

Shut-off day

Customers that are disconnected/tag-off due to non-payment are required to pay the entire account balance (current and past due amounts) plus all fees to reconnect service.  An automatic $30 fee is added to each account on the list and an additional $20 fee to reconnect water ($25 for customers outside of municipality.)  The notice shall state the customer’s right to appeal, under provisions of Section 52.121.

Service calls and fees

Customer Requested Meter Check Fee – A $30 charged whenever a meter or usage check is requested.  If the result of the check indicates that the meter is not functioning properly or within normal standards, this fee with be credited back to the customer.  A customer’s first request shall be free, while each subsequent requested meter check shall be charged.

Residential watering credit: Section 51.22 (G)

Residential users with a least one previous year of history will automatically receive a sewer discount during the lawn watering months (May through August).  Sewer charges above the “non-watering” month’s highest usage plus ten percent (10%) shall be credited for residential users who meet the provisions.

Water Leaks

Household leaks seen or unseen can drip hundreds of gallons of water down the drain.  Not only is this water wasted, but also could cost you several hundred dollars a month depending on the severity of the leak(s).

  • Check all faucets and replace worn or defective fixtures.
  • Check outside water taps to be sure they are turned off at the faucet and not at the hose nozzle.
  •  Toilets are the most common areas to find leaks and one of the most costly.  If you suspect a leak, you can put a small amount of food coloring in your toilet tank after it has filled BUT DO NOT FLUSH.  If the color shows up in the bowl, you probably have a leak in or around the plunger ball.

Water conservation tips

  • Toilet: Place a plastic soap or milk bottle filled with water in the tank will help conserve a gallon of water every time you flush.
  • Showers: Take a bath! A partially filled tub uses far less water than a long shower.
  • Water-saving devices: Use the new water-saving devices that are available for showers and other fixtures to cut down on water flow.
  • Appliances: Only run full loads in the dishwasher and the laundry washer.
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