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Aggregate information


AGE Affordable Gas + ElectricOpt-out aggregation is an incredibly efficient means of bringing the benefits of electricity and natural gas competition to residential and small commercial customers quickly and with the legal/privacy safeguards of a municipally organized process.

In many states, legislation permits municipal authorities (cities, counties, etc.) to propose a referendum which, if approved, entitles the governing body to consult with a licensed aggregation consultant to put their residential and small business electricity and/or natural gas loads out for bid among a group of competitive retail suppliers in order to secure substantially lower rates than what would be available to individual residents.

For more information or to enroll, visit the AGE website.

Benefits of community aggregation

  • Community-wide aggregation has proven to be the most effective way for residents to secure lower electricity & natural gas rates.
  • Competitively bid aggregation rates are nearly 25% less than those offered on an À la carte basis.
  • Residents are provided the option of a guaranteed fixed rate over a 12 to 36 month term.
  • As competitive suppliers compete with one another to serve your community’s electric and gas load, the winner is the customer!
  • AGE is an independent aggregation consultant (not a supplier sales representative); we work on behalf of the municipality to ensure that only the best offer wins.
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