The Village Office is experiencing ongoing issues with our phone lines. We have been working to correct the issue. Please be patient with us as we work with the company to correct the issue. Many Village requests can be completed online in our Service Area. Please call back if you get a busy signal, come into the office or use the contact us during business hours if you cannot get through. Thank you again for your patience.



Village Front Desk
(937) 698-1500 ext. 108

Duties & Services

  • water towerFunded by the general fund of the Municipality of West Milton
  •  Maintain water and sewer lines throughout village
  •  Maintain water pump stations/towers
  •  Maintain water meters & mains
  •  Maintain Line locations
  •  Leak checks
  •  Assist residents with sewer backups at the mains
  •  Run the wastewater treatment plant 24 hours a day in compliance of EPA regulations
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