New resident water and sewer

New contracts

  • A contract for water, sewer, and trash must be completed by the new resident at the time they take occupancy of property.
  • Once the completed contract is received at the village office, the utilities will be placed in resident’s name.


  • Utilities are billed monthly
  • Bills are calculated around the 27th of each month
  • Your payment is due on the 15th of the following month
  • After the due date, a 10% penalty is added to charges due.
  • Customers will receive a delinquent bill on or around the first of the month if their account is past due with the shut-off date posted on the bill.
  • See the back of your bill for payment options (drop boxes, credit cards, etc.) and other water/sewer information.

Minimum monthly cost breakdown

There is a minimum monthly charge of $30.61 for operational expenses.

Service Operational Charge
Water $16.14
Sewer $6.70
Sewer Capital Improvement $0.75
Meter fee $7.02
Total $30.61

Meter rates

Meters are read per thousand gallons used and added to the operational charges.

Service Charge per 1,000 gal.
Water $7.14
Sewer $6.96
Sewer Capital Improvement $0.77
Total $14.87

Example monthly breakdown

1,000 gallons used would be $30.61(operational charge) + $14.87 (meter charge) = $45.48 monthly total.



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