6/24/24: The Village Council will be entering into executive session during the June 25, 2024 workshop meeting to discuss the appointment, employment of a public official.

4/22/24: Hayes Street Closure updates... For more information see our News post. We will continue to update this News post as we get new information.


The Municipality of West Milton requires permits for certain projects, structures, and activities. Some projects, such as plumbing and building projects, require a permit from Miami County. Please contact the Municipality for details about each permit or if you have any questions about if a project does or doesn't require a permit.

*Before you undertake any construction or excavation on your property you should check for easements or ROW (right of ways). Any object or structure in an easement or ROW may be moved or demolished without compensation or reimbursement. Emergency repairs may be made without notification to the property owner. Easements typically are for utilities or drainage. They should be recorded on your plat. Village staff may only be aware of Village easements and cannot be responsible for information of other utilities’ easements. Always call in for an OUPS marking of all underground public utility infrastructure prior to any and all excavation or construction. A copy of your plat may be obtained by contacting the Miami County Engineer’s office Map Department.

Items requiring permits:  

      • Decks
      • Driveways
      • Electrical
      • Fences
      • Garages
      • Garage sales**
      • Home construction and structural remodeling
      • Patios/patio enclosures
      • Peddlers/solicitors
      • Pools
      • Room additions
      • Sewer lateral replacement*
      • Sidewalks
      • Signs
      • Storage sheds
      • Water service line replacement

*Residents must notify Village Hall if they plan to replace their sewer lateral. Because most sewer laterals are connected to the Village's sewer main within the street, either the contractor or the homeowner must post a $450 bond to ensure that any sidewalk, curb, or street asphalt is properly replaced. The Village will inspect these repairs before releasing the bond.

**Garage Sales must be registered with the Village offices 3 days prior to sale. No more than 3 sales per year. Signs are limited and are not to be in the public right-of- way. Removal of signs are responsibility of sale holder. Register your garage sale here or call the Village office for more information.

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