Garbage and Yard Waste

Refuse. Properties should be free of broken glass, stumps, garbage, and other debris.

Placement of Receptacles. Containers for all residential garbage and rubbish shall be placed at the street curb or alley right-of-way line no sooner than 6:00 P.M. the day before regular collection.

Removal of Empty Receptacles. Empty containers shall be removed from the street curb or alley right-of-way line by 6 :00 A.M. on the day of following regular collection.

Natural Growth and Weeds. Dead trees and limbs or other natural growth that is rotting should be removed. Vines, grasses, rank vegetation, and noxious weeds, any of which that are 7 inches or more in height, should be cut down.

Landscaping. Properties should be maintained, with lawns, hedges, and bushes kept from becoming overgrown or decayed. Grass may not exceed a height of 7 inches. All trees and bushes along sidewalks and streets should be trimmed back to provide a clear height of 8 feet above the surface of the sidewalk, and 15 feet above the surface of the street. Overhanging branches should be trimmed back to the property line. If a property backs up to a Village utility easement, that area may not be used for gardening, planting of bushes, flowers, trees, etc. If there are any questions concerning this space, please contact the Village's Code Enforcement Officer.

Yard Waste. Yard waste should be disposed of properly. If yard waste is composted, it must be maintained properly and kept in the rear yard so as to not create a nuisance for adjacent properties. Dumping of grass and weed clippings, tree limbs, or other debris on private property or Municipality parks/greenspaces is prohibited.

General Property Maintenance

Foundation Walls and Basements. They should be structurally sound, free from defects and damage, and capable of bearing loads safely. Basements should be sound and maintained to prevent the entrance of rodents, wood-boring insects, rain, or water runoff.

Chimney and Flue-Vent Attachments. These features must be maintained to be structurally sound, free from defects, and capable of performing the functions for which they were originally designed.

General Maintenance. The exterior walls, trim, doors, and window casings of every structure and accessory building should be structurally sound and kept painted and/or coated to prevent decay. Paint should be lead-free. Exteriors should be free of broken or unusable windows, crumbling stone or brick, peeling paint, or other conditions that reflect deterioration.

Roofs, Gutters, and Downspouts. Roofs should be maintained to be free of leaks and rot. Drainage should be collected in suitable downspouts, which may discharge into splash blocks or other devices provided that no excess water flows into adjoining properties or over sidewalks. Downspouts should be free of clogs and rust. Connecting any pipe carrying roof water or yard drainage to a sanitary sewer is prohibited.

Porches. Foundations should be sound; the porch, guardrails, handrails, and porch stairs should be safe and without rot.  Construction of porches require a building permit.

Corner and regular lots have different definitions of "front yard." Use this representation to understand the definition as it applies in the Municipality of  West Milton Property Maintenance Code. See image to the left.

Additions or Separate Structures. They should be sound and capable of serving their original purpose. Applicable permits should have been obtained for their construction. If a garage is to be converted to living space, the permit will require the existing driveway to be enlarged to accommodate the loss of a parking space. The enlargement of the driveway will not be required if the property is in compliance with parking requirements. When converting a garage into a living area, the construction must include adding a footer under the garage door, leveling the floor, and adding appropriate insulation.

Driveways and Other Paved Areas. All off-street parking areas must be either asphalt, concrete, brick, brick paver, or other similar hard-surfaced material. Specific requirements are available at the Village Building. Permits are required for replacing deteriorating concrete or blacktop. Best results occur when the original, crumbling layer is removed. Sealing a driveway does not require a building permit.

Fences, Walls, and Other Non-Residential Exterior Structures. Accessories such as fences, walls, signs, etc., should be maintained and firmly anchored, with painted and/or protected surfaces to prevent decay and hazard. All new fences and signs require a permit.

Reconstruction of Walls and Siding. Reconstruction of these features should be of standard quality and appearance commensurate with the character of the neighborhood.

Free From Infestation. All areas of properties should be maintained to prevent infestation from rodents, insects, and other animals.

Pools. Pools are regulated in West Milton for safety reasons. Even inflatable pools if the sides are 24 inches or higher require a zoning and if applicable an electrical permit. Check with the Village's Code Enforcement Officer for details. Must be fenced.

Storage Sheds. Storage sheds require a zoning permit and must be located in the rear yard. Check with the Village's Code Enforcement Officer for regulations regarding the size, foundation, and placement on the property.

Home Occupations. Generally, office-related home occupations that do not change the appearance of the residential property or increase traffic on the street are permitted, but please contact the Village first about the proposed home occupation.

Pets. Dogs must be secured on the property of the owner, either by way of leash, fence, or contained inside the home. Dogs are not allowed to run loose while on walks; they should be tethered on a leash no longer than 6 feet. By Village Ordinance, pet owners must immediately pick up after their pets on walks and in public areas and routinely take care to keep their property clean of pet waste. Also, owners should take measures to prevent a dog's prolonged howling or barking. Vicious animals, including vicious dogs, are prohibited in the Village of West Milton. Vicious animals are those that bite or have a propensity to cause harm to humans or animals.

Recreational Vehicles and Utility Trailers


  • Hard Surface. An area with a compacted base, surfaced with a thickness of asphalt, concrete or other all-weather material approved by the village. However, a compacted base of dustless material, such as gravel or limestone, which also prevents the possibility of the growth of grass, weeds or other plant material, may be approved by the village as a hard surface. The area shall be rectangular in shape, extending at least one foot outside the dimension of the stored equipment, installed so as not to disturb the natural or designed storm sewer drainage.
  • Recreational Vehicle. Any vehicle or equipment designed for or primarily used as a travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer, camper, motor home, truck camper, tent trailer, boat, boat trailer, snowmobile or snowmobile trailer, motorcycle trailer or any other trailer incidental to recreational uses.
  • Utility Trailer. Any vehicle drawn by a motor vehicle and designed or used for carrying property wholly on or in its own structure including but not limited to construction equipment, construction materials, tools, lawn or landscaping equipment, landscaping materials, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, horses and other animals and/or livestock.

Parking and storage of recreational vehicles and utility trailers.

  1. No such recreational vehicle or utility trailer, as defined herein and while parked or stored on the zoning lot, shall have fixed (permanent) connections to electricity, water, gas or sanitary sewer facilities. While on zoning lot, such recreational vehicle may be used for living or housekeeping purposes for a maximum of 72 hours at a time, but not more than a total of 21 days in any calendar year.
  2. Recreational vehicles and utility trailers parked or stored outside of a garage shall be parked or stored to the rear or side of the front yard. On corner lots, no recreational vehicle or trailer is permitted to be stored or parked between the right-of-way and side of the main structure, as well as the front of the structure. Any and all recreational vehicles and utility trailers parked or stored in the side or rear yard shall be on a hard surface. All wheels of the recreational vehicle or utility trailer shall be resting entirely upon a hard surface.
  3. Recreational vehicles and utility trailers shall have a minimum setback of ten feet from all property boundaries.
  4. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 2 above, recreational vehicles and utility trailers may be parked anywhere on the zoning lot for loading, unloading or maintenance purposes, for a period not to exceed 72 hours.
  5. Unless parked or stored in a garage, all such recreational vehicles and utility trailers shall be maintained in good repair, in working condition and shall carry a current year’s license and registration.
  6. In no instance shall there be more than two recreational vehicles and/or utility trailers total, stored outside on a single residential property.
  7. All recreational vehicles and utility trailers that are longer than 30 feet, higher than 12 feet or have more than six wheels are strictly prohibited from being stored on residential property within the village.
  8. The prohibitions contained herein shall apply equally to the owner, lessee, or other person owning or controlling the land, as well as the owner, lessee, or other person owning or controlling the temporary residential unit.

Junk, Inoperable, or Unlicensed Vehicles. Properties must be free of junk, inoperable, or unlicensed vehicles. Repairing any such vehicle or trailer is prohibited anywhere on the exterior property, including on the front driveway.

Operable Vehicles and Commercial Trucks. All operable vehicles should be parked on a paved surface. Parking or storing any truck or commercial vehicle more than 11,500 pounds is prohibited in the front yard, including on the front driveway.

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