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4/22/24: Hayes Street Closure updates... For more information see our News post. We will continue to update this News post as we get new information.

Operation: Gun Safe


Utilizing the resources of the West Milton Police Division to safeguard firearms of citizens while on extended leave (vacation, business trips, etc.) from their homes to reduce crime and increase safety. This would be accomplished by offering a service for West Milton residents, whereby they could voluntarily store their firearms in a secure location inside the Police Division for the duration of their absence. After return from their leave, the resident would pick up their firearms knowing they were safe while away.


  1. Prevent firearms from being stolen during residential burglaries of temporarily unoccupied homes.
  2. Once publicized via social media, bulletin boards, local news, etc., the service will lessen the attractiveness of West Milton unoccupied homes to burglars (who frequently seek firearms for their desirability on the streets).
  3. Those citizens who do not participate, or even have firearms in their homes, will still benefit merely because of the program existence, and the perceived chance their home will be gun-free during an absence


Responsibility of implementation and operation of Operation: Gun Safe shall fall on the West Milton Property Room Managers. The system is already in place for the service and secured locations are already available inside the West Milton Police Division. There is no cost to the citizens for this service.


Call Sergeant James Leonard 937-698-2677 extension 413 for more information regarding Operation: Gun Safe

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