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FAQ Topic: Hometown Hero Banner

Who can be pictured on the Hometown Hero banner?

Any person that has been/is a resident of the Village of West Milton and served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces can be honored. The honoree can be active duty, Reserve, National Guard, honorably discharged, retired, or killed in action. The manufacturer now has a one picture per banner limit.

What do I need to purchase a Hometown Hero banner?

The purchaser will need to have a completed banner application. A photo of the service person either an actual photo or digital format. Please note digital images need to be high resolution and at least 400DPI. And also payment for the banner, either in cash, check, or credit card form.

How do I purchase a Hometown Hero banner?

The person wanting to purchase the banner would need to get in contact with the Village office and obtain a banner application. Upon completion of the application they will need to provide a photo of the service person and submit payment in full in order for the banner to be ordered.

What is the Hometown Hero Banner program?

The Hometown Hero banner program is a way to recognize and honor members of the armed forces that are currently, or once were, residents of the Village of West Milton. These banners hang throughout the Village on Main St. from Memorial Day thru Veteran’s Day.

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